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Mountain Man Enterprises

Ice and Dust Control for the Southern Hills

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Scott Zorno

The Boss

Scott got his start in the snow & ice industry as a college senior back in 1975. He pursued a career in the corporate world but kept the snow business as a side income to allow his wife to stay home with 2 children with chronic health issues. The Zorno’s moved to the mountains just outside Denver in 1992 taking the snow business with them. Snow became a more important part of the family and the company grew. In 1999 Scott started offering their customers deicing services with liquids and dust control for roads and arenas. The idea caught on and became a major part of the business. In 2011 Scott left the corporate world to pursue his dream of manufacturing the liquid spray system he was using at the time, and HighCountry Ice Solutions was born. Scott teaches and speaks for SIMA, APWA and now Snowfighters Institute on the topic of liquid anti-icing and deicing. Scott retired from manufacturing in 2021 and moved to Hot Springs SD bringing his background in ice and dust control to the southern Black Hills.

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** We have products and expertise in both liquid deicing/Anti-icing and Dust Control. We would be glad to provide a price quote for either within a radius of 40 miles from Hot Springs SD.
** Please call us for general questions or to request a quote

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